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What is BLOK   ?


BLOK is computer application software for blockchain-based platforms, namely, software platforms for distributed applications and software using a consensus engine incorporating blockchain technology for securing data with cryptographic information. We are the universal crytographic exchange that will use computer software platforms for developing and building of distributed software applications and distributed computing platforms being offered to business and individuals in cryptocurrency today and make it simple for everyone to use. 

How does BLOK work?

BLOK is a blockchain and cryptocurrency service, namely, providing a digital currency or digital token for use by members of our on-line community via a global computer network; cryptocurrency services, namely, a digital currency or digital token, incorporating cryptographic protocols, used to operate and build applications and blockchains on a decentralized computer platform and as a method of payment for goods and services.

BLOK provides software development services, including design, development and implementation of software for distributed computing platforms. Design, development and implementation of software in the field of blockchains, along with research and development of computer software, software development and product development consulting in the field of distributed computing platforms and in the field of blockchains.

BLOK will allow Electronic messaging, Electronic messaging services and the transmission of those messages; BLOK provides Electronic, electric, and digital transmission of voice, data, images, signals, and messages utilizing blockchain and cyrptographic software and methods. BLOK provides on-line services, namely, message sending, and the delivery of messages by electronic transmission.

BLOK is providing on-line forums for transmission of messages among computer and mobile device users, providing internet chat rooms on-line chat rooms for social networking, as well as virtual chat rooms established via text messaging in today's current telecommunication space.

BLOK will provide future capabilities beyond our current telecommunications space and provide a universal crytopgraphic exchange that will allow all persons to understand and have access to blockchain and crytopcurrency without having or needing multiple domain names.

BLOK provides the domain name registration services that allows everyone to reserve their choice of BLOK domain name to identify users on a global computer network.



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